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The 90s are back!!

Beauty trends definitely move in cycles. They come, they go, and they recycle back into the present. The 90s is one of our favorite beauty eras – characterized by androgynous simplicity, bright poppy lipstick, platinum hair with roots and a big side of grunge. Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain anyone?

What do you guys think of Courtney Love? #kurtcobain #courtneylove

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The 90s was all about mixing in fancy couture and items from the thrift shop. Rules went out the window and people were free to explore fashion and beauty without any restrictions.

It’s been fun to see some of these styles recirculate, here are some of our favorite pics from the salon:

Amazing purple lipstick:

Reminding me of baby spice:

Short hair, dark lipstick, so classic and 90s:

Rockin’ the flannel and cute tee:

Amazing androgynous cut:

What a fun style!


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