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Thank you for all that you do! With love and gratitude this Holiday season….

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and by this time, you have already had your fill of mandatory “gratitude-talk.” Every day in November seems like an opportunity to ask yourself what you are grateful for, and at this point, it may seem a little routine, like a reflex. Maybe that’s because Thanksgiving is a tradition in our culture, and at this point it is instinctive, involuntary. And maybe that’s okay, because being encouraged once a year to give thanks at least gets us in that frame of thought where we become a little more mindful.


When you practice mindfulness in order to be more aware of the amazing gifts you have been given in life, it becomes easier and easier to let more gratitude into your heart. We think it’s important every day of the year to give thanks and have appreciation for life.


But, it is Thanksgiving after all, and it’s fun to get into the spirit of the Holiday!


So we want to give thanks for our blessings, and it is important to include you in our thoughts. Disconnected Salon is approaching its sixth year as an established business in North Park, and we owe it all to the wonderful community, the wonderful people and the wonderful businesses surrounding us. We want to thank YOU this year for supporting us and patronizing our business. We like to think that Disconnected is more than just a salon in North Park. We like to think that we are part of a larger community, and that we come together when we need each other, for laughter, friendship and yes, even love.


During October, Disconnected participated in Breast Cancer Awareness month and we asked you to join us in the fight against breast cancer. Because of you, we could donate over $300 to Cancer Angels of San Diego, which they will use to support someone while they battle severe illness. It’s just one example of our loving community, so thank you!


We hope that you enjoy yourself this week, get some rest and hopefully spend some time with the people you love. If you have a chance, stop in and say hi. We have lots of new product that we think is really great from the Archipelago brand. From environmentally-friendly soy candles, to nurturing creams and skin care, we have something for everyone. We just got in some new Disconnected totes and t-shirts as well, check them out! And remember, Disconnected Gift cards make great presents for anyone who deserves pampering and TLC.


Thank you again for your support, we couldn’t do it without you. Happy Thanksgiving!


With gratitude,


Everyone from Disconnected Salon