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Tease the Season!

Yup its that time of year again!!! Time for gifts, smiles, good cookin and good lookin hair! Nothing says happy holidays than some amazing Bumble and Bumble hair products.

  • NEW! This season’s ultimate cocktail: limited-edition trio that restores natural moisture and renews shine (in present-perfect sizes).
  • quenching shampoo 2 oz.
    Ultra-mild moisture-replenishing cleanser.

    quenching conditioner 2 oz.
    Hydrating, shine-enhancing conditioner.

    quenching masque 2 oz.
    Weekly intense hydrating and strength-restoring masque.

  • NEW! This supercharged, limited-edition trio repairs damage and strengthens without stripping color or wilting perms (in present-perfect sizes).
  • mending shampoo 2 oz.
    Ultra-mild, reparative cleansing.

    mending conditioner 2 oz.
    Reparative, strengthening, color-safe conditioning.

    mending masque 2 oz.
    Weekly intense repair and strength-restoring masque.

  • NEW! Revel to the fullest with this bestselling trio that helps any hair type look fuller and a set of limited-edition petite pins. Made especially for this holiday season.
  • Thickening Shampoo 8 oz.
    It makes hair feel thicker and fuller, helps to seal split ends and smooth flyaways.

    Thickening Conditioner 8 oz.
    A featherweight moisturizer and detangler with ultra-light silk fibers that separate strands to create a fuller look.

    Thickening Hairspray 8 oz.
    Perfect for blow-drying, setting, protecting from heat, and adding volume, lift and control.

  • NEW! 50 winter white styling pins (with stylist know-how to match) neatly packed in Bb. engraved tin. Limited-edition and perfect for gifting.
  • Often compared to needles and thread by hairdressers, pins are essential style underpinnings, having played infinite – and invisible – supporting roles. That is, until the late 1990s when two Bb.Editorial Stylists “outed” the pin, sending hair down runways bedecked with visible pins, to elegant and dramatic effect. We offer this bb.Pin tin as an homage to their ground-breaking ingenuity, and hope it inspires you.
 We also do Disconnected hair gift cards!!!!
Hope to see you all this season!
Until next time,
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