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Summer hair tips!


I know it’s not summer yet but it’s never to early to start thinking of ways to protect your hair against the summer weather conditions. Here are some tips using Bumble and Bumble products to save your locks.

Tip 1) Give your hair a break from washing: If you feel like need to wash your hair a lot try using a lighter shampoo like Bumble and Bumbles Gentle shampoo. Also a great way to spread out your washing is using a dry shampoo or hair powder. Bumble’s hair powder is designed to absorb the oils and refresh your look without washing.
Tip 2) Lay off the hot tools: Many of us have the unruly hair that tends to need the help from our trusty hot tools. But this summer try some other options like braids, natural waves or a cute head band. But if you are in need of using a hot tool make sure you are using a heat protection product. The Does it all hair spray by Bumble and Bumble gives great heat protection to your hair and is a great finishing product to any style. It’s the lightest of the 3 hair sprays so it’s a very workable and brushable spray that gives you tons of movement.
Tip 3) Give your hair some love: You can schedule a deep conditioning treatment with any of us here at Disconnected Salon or Bumble and Bumble offers a couple different take home deep conditioning treatments. My 2 favorites are the Mending Masque which is for the chemically damaged hair, over processed and just over all needs some tlc. The other is the Quenching Masque which is for dry hair desperately wanting that moisture back in it. This one is great for those who loves the hot tools. ** important note** Don’t over use. Use only once a week. That’s all it needs, over using can cause to much protein and you won’t get the great benefits of the product.

Tip 4) Last but not least…. Trims! Especially during summer time, exposed to the sun, ocean or pool your ends are dying for a trim.. You don’t need to cut of 5 inches to notice a change. Sometimes just a trim can make the biggest difference. Give your hair some love and it will give you the look you have been wanting.