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Spring 2013 hair trends

Looks on the runway are fun to look at but sometimes hard to re-create when you don’t have a handful of hair stylist’s and make-up artists at your side. This season though the trend seemed to be ” normal folk” friendly and every day wearable. Here are some pictures I found on Harber’s Bazaar.com that can be used for inspiration for your spring time looks.

” Tying the knot”
This look could be a day time look turned night time look very easily. Day time could be not so slick and maybe more messy, as night time approaches you can slick it back and tuck the mess into a more polished knot.
* products that could be used with this look*
 Hair powder, spray de mode, ( gellac gel for the more intense slick look) and the Shine spray for a more glossy look.
” Making the braid”
Braids are very in this season and whats great about this look is that it can be great for a day to day look or for any music festival!!! The braid is a very effortless sexy look that any length of hair can achieve.
* products that can be used for this look*
Surf spray, Spray De Mode and Semi Sumo ( for the lo-hold and high shine)
 “Rock and roll waves”
I love this look because it gives an ” everything goes” kinda look. Nothing is to neat or polished and it works well with different hair textures. You can achieve this look many different ways. For an example your hair could be damp then you apply some surf spray, twist and dry or you can do it with your hair being dry and gently  wrap your hair around a curling iron and let the curls loosely fall.
 * products that could be used for this look*
 Surf spray, Spray de mode, Styling cream ( on wet hair)
 ” Undone up-do’s”
” Casual coolness” is what they called this look at fashion week and thats exactly what it is. Easy, fun and undone is the look this spring. You can do a twist, low bun or just pin up some random pieces for this carefree look. You can add some glam into this look by adding a hair accessory of your choice.
 *Products that can be used for this look*
 Grooming creme ( on wet hair), Hair powder, Any of the Bumble and Bumble hair sprays ( depending on the hold you would like in this look)
More styling tips to come 🙂