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Quiz time

Below I created a little quiz to see what products would work best for your individual style!

1:Does the term “bigger the better” relate to your dream hair?
A) No way
B) Yes yes and more yes


2:Do you feel your hair looks it’s best on day 2 with out washing?
A) Gross!
B) Yes dirtier the better


3:Is “bed head” your everday go to look?
A) That’s a look???
B) Yes, what’s the need for a brush.


If you answered all A’s the products you would love are:


Prep is full of herbs and vitamins that conditions the hair and soothes the scalp. Smoothes away tangles and helps styling products adhere evenly. Great for natural looks!

Straight blow dry is a lightweight, heat-activated styling balm that makes short work of smoothing and straightening, leaving hair soft, sleek and healthy-looking – not to mention more manageable with every use.
The Straight Line features a gemstone blend that loosens hair’s natural curves – just add heat. It’s part of bumble’s new breakthrough smoothing technology that improves hair condition over time for lasting softness and increased manageability.

Moroccanoil has a unique quality of instant absortion into the hair, creating an instant shine and long term conditioning without leaving residue. You can use Moroccanoil on wet or dry hair and also comes in a light version for finer hair.


If you happened to answer all B’s, here are some awesome products for you:


The Texture cream gives the hair that elusive undone-yet-done quality, with a hint of grit, extra lift and a tousled shine-free finish.

The spray De Mode is my personal favorite of the three hairsprays Bumble and Bumble carries. Part working spray, part A multi-dimensional styling tool with flexible hold, workability, exceptional memory and can take heat and repeated brushing – on supermodels and non-supermodels alike.


The hair powder comes in White, Blondish, Brown and Black. The hair powder absorbs oil to refresh the hair without washing, this helps to extend the life of a blow dry and adds volume. Dry cleansing, matte finish and instant fullness!!!

We carry all these products at the salon so if you have any questions feel free to give us a call!!

Until next time,

<3 A.