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Locks of Love at Disconnected Salon – A Local Woman’s Tribute to her Father

Locks of Love, the non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to disadvantaged children suffering from disease, made a stop at Disconnected Salon last week. San Diego’s Melissa Murphy donated over 14 inches of her beautiful hair with the hopes of helping someone less fortunate, and as a tribute to her father who is recovering from heart surgery.

Read our interview below with Melissa Murphy:

Disconnected: I saw how much hair you cut off, wow! I am guessing it was over 12 inches, is that accurate?

Murphy: That’s pretty much what I said when Ashley put the braid in my hands. I said oh my goodness quite a few dozen times probably that night; then I started crying like a little kid. It was a big moment for me. It was actually closer to 14 inches which is beyond the minimum 10 inches; I guess I just had a lot to give!

Disconnected: I know Locks of Love provides hair to children primarily suffering from alopecia, and other diseases, and I was wondering if you had any personal connections to Locks of Love, or their cause?

Murphy: I don’t have any personal connections with Locks of Love or people who have needed their services but I believe in Karma and that you get back what you put out. At the end of the day helping people is what it’s all about and I’m glad I was finally ready and able to do that.

 Disconnected: So what made you want to donate to Locks of Love? Was it to be philanthropic? Or were you just over having long hair and thought you could do something helpful with it too? A little bit of both?

Murphy: It was really a combination of needing a change and doing something for a good cause. Also, and it sounds a bit silly, I was hoping any good vibes I received from this act I would be able to send to my Dad who had heart surgery a few days ago. I like to think my good deed helped put enough good vibes out into the universe to keep him safe from harm on the big day. FYI, he did better than expected! 

 Disconnected: How does it feel having short hair now?

Murphy: It feels really great having short hair and the cut Ashley gave me is amazing!! The folks I work with say I look ten years younger! I might not miss being 20 but it doesn’t hurt to still feel that way when I look in the mirror now. 

Disconnected: How long did it take to grow your hair to that length?

Murphy: It took me approximately six and a half years.

Disconnected: Did you struggle with the decision to cut it off?

Murphy: I struggled the last few years with this decision since I’ve always had pretty long hair; but when I found out my Dad was sick it was all I could think of to do. Making a sacrifice, however small, for another person was paramount in that moment in time. Sometimes you feel helpless when a loved one gets sick and I was determined to try anything to feel like I had some special part in my Dad’s recovery with my good vibes besides sitting in the hospital and watching him sleep. He comes home today!

 Disconnected: Would you recommend other people interested in donating to Locks of Love to use Disconnected Salon?

Murphy: I would absolutely recommend people donate their hair to Locks of Love specifically at Disconnected Salon. I had only been there the one time but really that’s all it took for me to know I can walk a couple blocks from my house and get the same kind of service that I would in La Jolla or Del Mar. It was first class all the way, including the great big hug from Ashley hoping I come in again and check out their art nights. I’m actually really looking forward to it.” 

We have to say, we felt pretty emotional once we learned Melissa’s reason for donating to Locks of Love, and it served as a reminder the importance of family and giving back. We are happy that Disconnected Salon could share this experience with Melissa and her tribute to her father. We wish him a quick recovery, and give many thanks to Melissa Murphy for sharing her story with us.

If you are interested in Locks of Love, and you are interested in learning more about the organization, visit their website here.

Call Disconnected Salon at (619) 298-3830 to book your Locks of Love appointment today, because it feels good to give back.

– Disconnected Salon

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