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Lock of Love Donation

Our lovely client Kristina Banas recently made a donation to Locks of Love during her last visit to Disconnected Salon. Locks of Love is a non-profit organization that provides high-quality hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children who have lost their hair due to various medical reasons. It’s a worthy cause and they are providing a really valuable service for the people who need it most. We at Disconnected Salon really support what Locks of Love is doing and would like to share with you why Kristina felt compelled to donate.

Q. What made you decide to donate to Locks of Love?
A. I decided to donate to Locks of Love for a few reasons. I had been growing my hair out for a long time and really felt the need for a change. The other reason was that I had heard of this great organization that allows people to help children in need. I particularly liked that the Locks of Love mission statement focuses on encouraging children to develop self-confidence.
Q. Do you know anyone who has used Locks of Love?
A. I used to be involved with a student organization in college, called Camp Kesem. We fundraised and led a camp for children whose parents had been personally affected by cancer. Through working with this community, I learned about the idea of “donating your hair.” Several of my friends and colleagues have donated to Locks of Love.
Q. Would you recommend others to do it and why?
A. Yes I would! It feels so liberating to let go of so much hair! And, it’s a bonus that it all goes to a great cause.
Q. How does it feel to have shorter hair?
A. To rephrase… it feels amazing!
Q. Would you do it again?
A. YES! 🙂

Thank you Kristina for your generous donation. Your beautiful hair is going to help one child feel confident again!

Locks of Love will accept hair that is unbleached, colored or permed is okay, at least 10 inches long, and it must be cut and donated as a ponytail. If you think you might be interested in donating your hair and receiving a great shorter cut, call Disconnected and we can set up a consultation.

For more information about Locks of Love visit their site www.locksoflove.org