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How to Create Beach Waves using a Flat Iron

Beach waves tutorial

Disconnected Salon Stylist Taryn Raeder demonstrates how to achieve beautiful, beachy waves at home:

Tools needed:

1-inch Flat-Iron
Hair Clips
Styling Product (we recommend Seven)

Start with fresh, clean hair. After you towel dry your hair, spray Seven Seal evenly throughout your locks. Seal spray sets a great foundation for styling hair by sealing the cuticle, locking in moisture and preparing the hair for other styling products.

Then, apply Seven Mousse throughout your hair, using a golf-ball sized amount. This mousse helps define curls weightlessly and adds lots of shine and volume.

Once you’ve worked the mousse in, mist Seven Beach spray throughout your hair to add texture. This spray in particular has real sea salt for that ocean-kissed look and also contains Seaweed Extract to stimulate hair growth.

Blast your hair completely dry.

Next, divide your hair into three sections. Use the edge of a fine-toothed comb to section off the back of your head through the middle, leaving the halo (hair around the crown of the head) out for its own section. Clip each section. You’ll start curling your hair from the back and work your way to the front, and finish with the top halo section.

Start curling one section at a time, and work from the back of your head to the front. Take the hair in 1-inch sections and gently clamp the flat-iron towards the root, and twist the wrist to begin curling the hair as you pull the flat-iron down. Avoid holding the flat-iron in one spot for longer than a second; keep the motion going. This twisting motion through the wrist will create a beautiful, natural wave. You can think of the twisting motion similar to opening a jar – twist the wrist!

Notice which way you twist the wrist, and the next section, twist the opposite direction and work your way, section-by-section to the front of your head. Take the other side of the head, curl from back to front, alternating the direction of the curl, and save the halo top section for last. Curl your hair from back to front.

Finish by misting hair with some light to medium hold hairspray. We use Seven Encore spray which has a medium hold and leaves hair feeling pretty natural, never dried out or crunchy.

Depending on how you like your hair, you can keep the curls as-is or fluff the hair out a bit to break up the curls and soften your overall look.

Stylist Taryn Raeder
Model Ryleigh Hunter