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Getting Over the Blahs: How to Change the Energy of Your Day Almost Instantly


Victoria-Cayce_1560436Ever come down with a serious case of Monday morning? Yeah. Me too. In fact, my mojo was waning earlier today. No worries though. Just because your emotions feel like a bowl of soggy gray oatmeal does not mean you have to pitch a mental tent and camp there.

Here is a quick, delightful (and very effective) way to rise above the blahs. First, understand that it is completely normal to have an off day now and then. Honor yourself by taking a moment to acknowledge how you feel. Perhaps you are sad about something, tired orjust feel overly stressed right now. Allow yourself to cry or feel down.

Once you have spent a few minutes honestly feeling whatever you feel, take a deep breath and slowly let it go. Announce to yourself that yes, the moment truly seems icky, but that you really have the inner power to change it. (Whether you feel like you do or not.)

Now it’s time to take charge and put your new mood into action. The cure is actually pretty simple. To activate it, all you need to do is to change your focus off of yourself and whatever circumstances are dragging you down.

You can do this by paying it forward and deliberately passing some good things onto someone else. One of my favorite ways is to take a bunch of Post-It Notes and jot a quick note. Then I fold it up around a dollar bill. Afterwards I place them in random locations in the hope that they will brighten someone else’s day.

For instance, you could write out, “You are not alone.” Add a smiley face and a coupon for a free coffee, a single dollar bill or a larger denomination and then hand it to a homeless person or stick it between the eggs and milk in a store knowing that someone will get a moment of joy out of something you have done when they come across it. You can pay for someone else’s coffee or hide an encouraging note inside a library book. The point is to just do something to become the cheering section for someone else.

Use your blahs to reach out to someone else. Justcall, text, email or write a note to someone you love. Encourage them on their journey in some small way. Even going to the store and genuinely smiling at people will create a cascade of happy feelings inside of you. You do not even have to talk to them if you do not want to. Simply aim happy thoughts as them such as “I love you. You are beautiful.”

Let it flow from your heart to theirs by imaging a ball of white light enveloping them. You will not only bless them, you will feel your spirits soar too. You see, my dear brothers and sisters, we are all connected in this journey.

There is something, vast, deep and strong that runs like a current of unseen power beneath our lives. Blessing others by showing love and care, is the fastest route to resonating with the Divine Source and plugging into the flow.

Try it and see for yourself. I double dog dare you. I promise it will be a massive contact high that helps you move past your own blue mood. Soon you will find yourself thrumming with all of your being, dancing in sync with life. Blessings and peace to every creature in time and space.


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