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Get your Goodies at Disconnected

Have you been in lately to visit Disconnected’s retail store? We have a lot of new items that are sure to knock your socks off. We now carry Archipelago Soy Candles. We have them in three different sizes and they come in beautiful scents and designs. Pink Grapefruit smells great during the day, and I like to use the Bergomot Tobacoo scent in the evening, because it smells like a cozy cabin. With the rain coming and Fall finally deciding to grace us with her presence, these candles sure help the house feel like a cozy home. Ahh cuddling!

And made with Earth Friendly Packaging, Renewable Energy Source and Natural Materials, you can feel good about using these wonderful candles.

We also now carry Archipelago beauty creams and lotions. You can buy them in the large size or get someone (or you) a gift box with all the different creams included. 

They are made with wholesome ingredients that will nourish your skin. Try some of our samples when you come in and see for yourself!

And of course, this time of the year calls for lots of parties and family events. We have jewelry for every occasion and style to dress up your outfit and complete your ensemble.

And grab a Disconnected Tote and t-shirt, they are brand new and look great. See you soon!