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Do It Yourself: Natural Makeup Tutorial



Step 1: Start with a clean face. Apply concealer under the eyes and across the eyelid from lash-line to brow-bone (this acts as a primer) and blend well. You can use a concealer brush or sponge.


Step 2: Using an angle brush, fill in your eyebrows with a brown/grey brow powder. Filling in your brows will help frame your eyes.


Step 3:  After filling the brow, clean up the shape with a concealer and brush.


Step 4: Sweep a light, shimmery color onto your eyelid and blend to your brow bone to open and brighten your eye. We used a light, shimmery peach color. It’s great for daytime and adds just a hint of color.


Step 5: Apply white liner to the inner corner of your eyes and  along the bottom waterline. This will really open up the eye and brighten up your whole look.


Step 6: Put on a few coats of your favorite mascara and using an eyelash comb, brush out any clumps.


Step 7: Apply a light, natural blush to the apples of your cheeks. Use a color that complements your skintone. Our model has fair skin, so we chose a light pink/peach color.


Step 8: Stroke on a light bronzer in the hollows of your cheek to contour the face using a contour brush.


Step 9: Put on your favorite gloss. We used a gloss with just a hint of gold.


As you can see, we’ve created an easy, natural way to enhance your beauty.  Play around with different shades and find what works for you!