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Do it yourself: 5 min to Natural-Looking Makeup

Step 1: Start with a clean face. Apply concealer under the eyes and blend well. You can use a concealer brush or fingertip.

Step 2: Using a small brush, fill in your eyebrows with brow powder. Do this to define your eyebrows and give them shape. Use a color that is natural and not too dark.

Step 3:  Use the same concealer as a primer for your eyelids and brow bone. It’s cheaper than expensive primer and it does the trick very well! You can also put a little dab of concealer around the  top and side of your eyebrows to clean up the edges of your brow and blend well.

Step 4: Sweep a light, shimmery color onto your eyelid and even up to your brow bone for more sparkle. We used a light, shimmery peach color. It’s great for daytime use and adds just a hint of color.

Step 5: Apply white liner to the inner corner of your eyes and  along the inner lower lash rim. This really brightens the eyes and makes your eyes look bigger.

Step 6: Put a few coats on of your favorite mascara and using an eyelash comb, brush out any clumps.

Step 7: Apply a light, natural blush to the apples of your cheeks. Use a color that complements your tone. Since our model has such fair skin, we used a light pink/peach color. Go for the “naturally flushed” look.

Step 8: Stroke on a light bronzer underneath the cheekbones to sculpt the face.

Step 9: Put on a your favorite gloss. Since we are going for a natural look, we used a gloss that had just a hint of pink.

As you can see, we’ve created a really natural look that is great for summer and the workplace. The key is using light colors that complement your natural skin tone. Play around with different shades and find what works for you!

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