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Dec 18!!

So dec 18th ( a sunday) Kenny and a couple other stylist’s are putting together a hands on styling class for clients. The idea is for you( the client) to come in with your own tools ( blow dryers, straightening/ curling irons, brushes) and we will give you a hands on styling class on what ever it is you are having questions with at home. We hear all the time from everyday clients ” my hair always looks great when I leave the salon but i wish i could make it look like this when i do it.” So our goal is to take time and show you how to do it! The time saving tricks that you at home can use.

For the class we require the client to purchase just 1 of the amazing bumble and bumble products. This is a great opportunity to purchase one of the products you’ve always wanted but wasn’t quit sure how to exactly use. We can show you how to use it and how to mix it with some of the products you have currently at home. ALSO we just got in some awesome Bumble and bumble holiday hair care packages.

This is a perfect opportunity to learn a quick style for your holiday parties!! For any questions please please feel free to give the salon a call!! I will be posting more info about the event soon.

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Here are some pictures i came across on the internet of hair styling back in the day that i thought was pretty cool.


Until next time,

<3 A.