[one_fourth last=”no”] [title size=”2″]Contact Info[/title]

3830 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92104

Phone: (619) 298-3830



Please feel free to call or email us with any questions. If you would like to book an appointment, call us or you can email us below with the preferred date(s), desired service, and several times that work best for you, and preferred stylist (if any). We look forward to working with you! [/one_fourth]

[three_fourth last=”yes”][title size=”2″]Hours of Operation[/title]

Sunday 10am – 5pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday 11am – 6pm
Wednesday 11am – 8pm
Thursday 1pm – 9pm
Friday 10am – 7pm
Saturday 10am – 5pm




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