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Color me crazy and style me right.

The lovely Amy has been stopping in and has taken some awesome photos id love to share of us at work!

Above is an amazing cut and color Neil did.

This picture of Nicole’s client is simply perfection.

Not only does Kenny give amazing shampoo’s he follows it up with a hair cut to die for.

Julie mastering one of her beautiful blowdrys

Bridget creating one her lovely long layer haircuts.

Also, here are 2 new family members to the Disco family! The cute little beagle is Nala Bridget’s dog and the fluffy laberdoodle is Jayme’s dog Lola 🙂

Misty going in for the cut!!

Looking for a great holiday gift?? Mystic loops are perfect!

Everyone giving a helping hand on one of our salons favorites the lovely Janice

The finished product 🙂

Here I am adding a little bounce in Sarah’s step.

The color Kirsty did here is stunning

Another great job done by Nicole



More pictures to come!!!!!

until next time,

<3 A.