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Coconut Oil for Your Hair and Scalp

by: Beverley A Graham

Unrefined Coconut Oil Vs Refined Coconut

Typically unrefined coconut will be labelled virgin or extra virgin, although there is not a consistent difference between the two across all brands. Both virgin and extra virgin are manufactured from the first pressing of raw fresh coconut where no added chemical are present. Refined oil is processed with a chemical distillation of which has no odor and is tasteless, due to been refined. Refined oils are great for cooking and baking purposes as they do not have a dominant coconut flavor. However, they do not offer the same health benefits as virgin oils but still provide fatty acids such as MCT’s.

Miraculous Health Benefits of Unrefined Coconut

Unrefined oil contains a specific combination of fatty acids and is one of the richest sources of saturated fats that contain powerful medicinal properties. With obesity being one of the biggest causes of health ailments worldwide, the oil increases energy levels and helps burn more fat. When the oil is consumed it reduced hunger pangs which in turn makes you eat less without having to take harmful slimming drugs.

Coconut oil contains lactic acid which kills fungi, bacteria and viruses and helps to keep infections at bay. When the oil is digested enzymatically it forms a monoglyceride known as monolaurin and when combined with lactic acid kills harmful pathogens. The fatty acids when converted into ketones have also proved to reduce seizures. Studies being conducted using a ketogenic diet is being therapeutically used in treating children with drug resistant epilepsy.

The oil was found to improve cholesterol levels and can lower the risk of heart disease. As preciously thought, the oil does not interfere with the blood lipid profile due to it being loaded with saturated fats. The HDL is raised by saturated fats and the LDL cholesterol is changed into a benign subtype. An increase of HDL improves ones antioxidant status and blood coagulation factor. The fatty acids were also found to increase brain function in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Beside the few benefits already mentioned, many people use the oil to improve the appearance of their hair and skin. The oil can be used as a mouthwash which improves dental health, kills harmful bacteria and prevents bad breath and the list of benefits is endless.

Not All Coconut Oils Are Equal

When purchasing coconut oil, strive to buy the best quality you can afford. Buy organic cold pressed virgin oil and avoid the flavourless, odourless refined oils. The top brands can be bought online and are also sold in various health stores as well as certain grocery stores.


The coconut oil hype has recently become a heath and beauty phenomenon with multiple benefits. In recent years the benefits of coconut oil has become one of the most talked about natural products on the market. From lowering cholesterol and other valuable health benefits to improving hair and skin to brightening teeth, have brought the benefits of coconut oil to the forefront. Choose your brand of coconut oil wisely, due to the oil being a high source of saturated fat.

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