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Cancer angels of san diego: nearly 100{2fa1974e4bd23e1eb716d464d071e205658ffbd5c0cf024f6646fa15c6e3e5f2} of funding dedicated to helping cancer victims




Join Disconnected Salon during the month of October while we celebrate and promote awareness of National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Disconnected Salon has teamed up with Cancer Angels of San Diego, an organization that provides invaluable services to cancer victims throughout the greater San Diego area. It’s easy to participate, make an appointment with Disconnected Salon and wear pink when you visit. We will donate 10{2fa1974e4bd23e1eb716d464d071e205658ffbd5c0cf024f6646fa15c6e3e5f2} of your service charge to Cancer Angels of San Diego. Read on for more information:

San Diego is participating in the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM), starting Oct. 1, alongside many other cities around the world. Primarily, this annual international event aims to raise awareness about cancer, an important task considering that in the United States over 220,000 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer this year alone according to the American Cancer Society. A woman in the United States faces 1 in 8 odds of having breast cancer during her life and a 1 in 36 chance of dying from this disease. Men are not exempt from breast cancer either, although with a lifetime risk at about 1 in 1,000, the odds are higher in their favor.


But beyond simply raising awareness about breast cancer, NBCAM is also a time used by many breast cancer organizations to fundraise for research into better methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The Susan G. Komen group is probably one of the more recognizable of the existing organizations that contributes to this cause, and since 1982 has donated almost 2 billion dollars to fund cancer research. In the past year though, and in light of the seemingly political decision of the Komen group to defund Planned Parenthood (which was reversed soon after), the Komen group has been scrutinized for its manner of allocating funds, with some critics drawing attention to the only 15{2fa1974e4bd23e1eb716d464d071e205658ffbd5c0cf024f6646fa15c6e3e5f2} of funds actually dedicated to finding a cure.


In San Diego, there is at least one organization that does things a little differently with regard to fundraising transparency and providing help. I received an opportunity earlier this week to meet with Eve Beutler, founder of Cancer Angels of San Diego (CASD), to learn more about this group.


CASD is an organization that devotes 97{2fa1974e4bd23e1eb716d464d071e205658ffbd5c0cf024f6646fa15c6e3e5f2} of its funding to help Stage IV cancer victims (those with metastasized cancer) survive while they battle the disease. There are no salaries, excessive marketing ploys, or political alliances that would jeopardize helping those seriously ill. And that really is CASD’s primary objective: to help those seriously afflicted with cancer.


People with metastasized cancer often are too sick to work and support themselves and a family. And according to CASD, 40{2fa1974e4bd23e1eb716d464d071e205658ffbd5c0cf024f6646fa15c6e3e5f2} of Stage IV cancer patients in San Diego are faced with the prospects of homelessness and not being able to afford basic necessities like rent, food, utilities and transportation. CASD helps pay for rent/mortgage and utilities, and provides fuel and grocery gift cards. It helps provide temporary childcare and co-pays for treatments that tend to add up quickly.


CASD is also different in the sense that it provides help for people afflicted with all kinds of cancer, and is not just limited to breast cancer. And Beutler reminds me that, “all ages and all genders get cancer.” This is helpful for cancer-stricken men, (especially during NBCAM), to realize that they too have an outlet for financial assistance if needed.


But what makes CASD most unique, in my opinion, is the fact that it is the only charity in the United States that promises to help each Stage IV client for his or her lifetime.


“Stage IV cancer is not a quick death sentence by any means,” said Beutler. “We refuse to abandon any client who needs help, and we will help them for as long as they are sick and cannot work.”


Currently, CASD helps about 30 families each month with ongoing financial assistance. CASD’s biggest challenge to date is having adequate funding to provide these significant services. “We rely on donations to function as an organization,” said Beutler. “We always, always need more volunteers as well,” she added.


There are ways to contribute to the organization, either by donating money or donating man-hours through volunteering. You can visit www.CancerAngelsofSanDiego.org for more information about how you can help. You can also apply to their assistance program online to see if you are eligible to receive help.


All through the month of October, in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Disconnected Salon will be donating 10{2fa1974e4bd23e1eb716d464d071e205658ffbd5c0cf024f6646fa15c6e3e5f2} of all service charges to Cancer Angels of San Diego for those who wear some type of pink clothing to their appointment. Visit their website www.DisconnectedSalon.com for more information on services available and call (619) 298-3830 to schedule an appointment.