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Avoid a hairy situation!

With the new year just around the corner the new year ” resolutions” keep coming in and out of everyones mind. New years resolutions don’t always have to address topics like dieting, budgeting and relationships. If you were a little naughty in the hair department in 2011, 2012 can be the year for your hair to shine!

Heat less, air dry more.

Embrace the hair you have!!! It seems that if you have curly hair- people love to blast their hair with tons of heat tools including blow dryers and straightening tools to achieve the smooth look. By giving your hair a little break from the heat you will start to notice such a difference. Who knows you might start to fall in love with curls you never knew you had and fall in love with the new you!

Here are some products that would be helpful:

 At home masks.

I know we have all heard it before about the take home deep conditioning masks, but trust me they do work. It’s very important you use them in moderation. Only once  a week or once every two weeks, as we know, to much of a good thing can be bad 🙂 Just by taking a little extra time can make the biggest difference in your hair. After you shampoo TOWEL DRY your hair( like a sponge your hair will absorb more if rang out) so by doing that your hair will absorb more of the deep conditioner. Then pin up your hair with a clip( I like to you a shower cap) and just watch TV, read or just relax for about 15 mins. Rinse out and you are good to go!!

Here are some products that would be helpful:

*The mending mask is good for the hair that is the truly damaged (who regularly color, straighten or perm).

*The quenching mask is good for the hair that is terribly thirsty (from chronic dryness or repeated heat styling and brush strokes).


Last but not least my favorite of the new years hair resolutions

Switch up your everyday look.

Have you had the same hair style for 2 years and you can’t think of the big ” change” you wanna do? Something so simple as changing the parting of your hair or cutting bangs can make the change you been wanting a lot less stressful. An easy change I recommend is when your hair is around 70{2fa1974e4bd23e1eb716d464d071e205658ffbd5c0cf024f6646fa15c6e3e5f2} dry spray it with Surf Spray and braid it. Keep the braid in for how ever long you wish! When taken out of the braid let it do it’s thing. You will get the ” beachy” waves without all the fuss. But just remember the less you touch it the longer it will last.

From all of us in the Disconnected family,

We wish everyone a fun and safe new year!!!

Until next time,

<3 A.