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American Wave


Say Goodbye to the outdated perm and say hello to the American Wave.

The American wave is a revolutionary service which provides waves, curls and style support for all kinds of hair. It was invented by Nick Arrojo in New York City where his certification classes are paving the way all over America for access to this unique process. And of course, Disconnected Salon is your only destination in San Diego to get the American Wave.

The American Wave is less damaging than the outdated perm. It is gentle, ammonia-free and smells pleasant. It uses positive ionic charges as well to soften and beautify your hair. It uses soft rods so the entire experience will be comfortable and relaxing.

Get the American Wave if you’d like to add dimension to your hair, volume, lift and texture. You can create soft waves or tight curls. It will even calm frizzy and out-of-control hair.

If you’ve ever dreamed of having sexy beach hair, but don’t want to spend hours on your hair every morning, the American Wave is for you. It will save you precious minutes every morning getting ready for your day because you can wash and wear with minimal styling. Imagine getting to sleep in an extra 30 minutes every day!

The results are permanent and last up to 6 months. A touch-up every 3-4 months is recommended for new hair growth.

Call Disconnected Salon to reserve an appointment with a certified American Wave specialist. Prices start at $250.